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Halls of Hope




The "Halls Of Hope" are very graphic photographs of dental procedures & may be offensive to some viewers.  Others, on the other hand are thrilled to see the possibilities.  So we share this section with the purpose of giving hope to so many who feel their dental condition is beyond hope and that they will never be able to smile again.  Please proceed at your own discretion . . . 

Do You Ever Feel That Your Smile Is Gone Forever . . .

Do you ever feel that your teeth are so bad that it would be impossible to restore your smile to a beautiful expression of how you really feel---or how you would like to really feel?

 There's nothing like a great smile to brighten your day!

Unfortunately, many of us are insecure about our teeth--so we hide our smiles.  Though having an unattractive smile may not be considered a handicap, according to Cosmetic Dentist* Dr Ron Drachenberg, countless people suffer from having to hide such a prominent feature on their face.  "It's debilitating when you can't open your mouth because you're embarrassed of what's inside," he says.

But there are solutions to common dental problems and the SmileStudio can bring your smile back.  So if you struggle with common dental problems, you count on The Smiile Studio's caring professionals and leading edge technology to make your smile a work of art!

And now, we invite you to see some of Cosmetic Dentist* Dr Ron Drachenberg's amazing smile transformations to show how a new smile may change your life . . .



All "New Smiles" Custom Designed By
Cosmetic Dentist* Dr Ron Drachenberg

All Smiles Are Unique - Results May Vary 

All Photos Used By Permission

"Let Us Turn Your Smile Into A Masterpiece That Can Last For A Lifetime!"

Cosmetic Dentist* Dr Ronald E Drachenberg and The SmileStudio, Inc, Serving Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Naples & All Of SW Florida---In Compliance With Regulatory Florida State Law---Do Not Claim Superiority In Any Way Over Other Dental Care Facilities And/Or Services.

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