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Dr. Ronald Edwin Drachenberg was born in the beautiful hills of Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Of German decent, Dr. Drachenberg's parents Robert & Rachel Drachenberg were originally from Argentina until they became American citizens in the late 1950's.  Raised a missionaries kid, Dr. Drachenberg lived in the Panama Canal Zone, Puerto Rico  & Mexico City all before the age of 12. 

His first language being Spanish, Ron became bilingual, learning English, in the 1st grade.  Through his high school years he lived in Texas & Michigan, moving back to Tennessee (his place of birth) for his college & graduate school years.   He completed his Bachelor of Science Degree (Majored in Biology and Minored in Chemistry) at The University of Tennessee & Southern Adventist University. 

It was during Dr. Ron Drachenberg’s college years at Southern Adventist University—that he met his wife-to-be, Susan Whidden, who was born and raised in of all places, Fort Myers, Florida.  It certainly did not take him long to figure out what a special gal she was.  And after a fun college courtship of about a year and a half, Ron & Susan got married and started what has become a wonderful journey in life together.  To unwrap more of this mystery of the girl, Susan Whidden, who would become the woman, Susan Whidden Drachenberg---go to Susan Drachenberg's personal bio--- "Woman Behind the Man" .

Soon after the wedding bells rang . . . the newlyweds, Ron & Susan Drachenberg were off to Memphis, Tennessee, where Ron spent the next 4 years in Dental School at The University of Tennessee at Memphis, School of Dental Health Sciences.  After the many, many years (21 to be exact) of focus, perseverance, & study, Ron Drachenberg, the student, had become Ron Drachenberg, the Doctor, earning his Dotorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) Degree.  It was the year 1982.  Dr Drachenberg has since spent over 20 years building what has become know as The SmileStudio®, a SW Florida Icon of Cosmetic Dentistry™. 

Now since Cosmetic Dentist* Dr Ron Drachenberg had been raised "all over the world" so to speak---he never really had a "home town" to go back home to.  So his wife, Susan Whidden Drachenberg, was all too happy to solve this problem for him.  Having been born & raised in Fort Myers, FL, Susan thought it would be a awesome idea to "come back home" and set up a Cosmetic Dental Practice in her own home town.  Since that day well over 20 years ago, Cosmetic Dentist* Dr Ron Drachenberg has become a well established Icon of Cosmetic Dentistry serving Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Naples and all of SW Florida offering a vast array of Services including Cosmetic Teeth Whitening, Cosmetic Crowns & Veneers, Implants & Complete Custom Cosmetic Smile MakeOvers.   He listened to her then & still listens to her today as he learned many years ago that she very often has extremely invaluable advise.

In conclusion, Cosmetic Dentist* Dr. Ron Drachenberg with his years of youth full of constant moving, travel & adventure, feels that he has finally found a place to call home after more than 20 years in this amazing Southwest Florida Community.

If you would like to learn more about Dr Drachenberg's family history---click into Family Matters.

Cosmetic Dentist* Dr Ronald E Drachenberg and The SmileStudio, Inc, Serving Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Naples & All Of SW Florida---In Compliance With Regulatory Florida State Law---Do Not Claim Superiority In Any Way Over Other Dental Care Facilities And/Or Services.

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