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Smile~MakeOver Diagnostic

Includes The Following


    Customized Comprehensive Full Mouth Diagnostic Exam

        A)    Full Review Of Patient's Dental Desires & Goals

        B)    Full Set Diagnostic Smile Photos

        C)    New Smile Simulation Photo

        D)*  Precision Vertical Measurements To Determine Balance In Jaw Alignment

        E)*  Includes Digital Diagnostic Full Mouth Panoramic X-Ray

                    -   Bone, Root & Gum Health Analysis

                    -   Helps Detect Hidden Cavities & Cracks In Teeth 

        F)*   Includes Full Mouth Perio Probing For Precision Measurements Of Gum Health

        G)*    Includes 1 Dental Cleaning

        H)*   Includes Dr's Thorough Review Of All Diagnostic Photos, X-Rays, Perio Report & Patient Goals

        I)*   Includes A Custom Comprehensive Tx Plan Of Options Based On Patient Goals & Dr's Diagnostics

        J)*  Includes A Written Quote For Selected Treatment Plan Options---Good For 90 Days

        K)    Includes A Financial Options Review w/5 Minute Approval Services, If Desired

        L)*   Includes Any Necessary Prescriptions For Current Dental Conditions

        M)*   Includes Appointment Services For Any Recommended Specialists Visits

        N)*  Includes Copies Of Photos & X-Rays For Specialists Visits, 2nd Opinion Visits, Etc

Cosmetic Dentist* Dr Ronald E Drachenberg and The SmileStudio, Inc, Serving Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Naples & All Of SW Florida---In Compliance With Regulatory Florida State Law---Do Not Claim Superiority In Any Way Over Other Dental Care Facilities And/Or Services.

* CLICK HERE For Special Clarifications Regarding The Term "Cosmetic Dentist"

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