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Neuromuscular Dentistry

Did you know that the way your teeth come together can cause headaches, pain in the jaw, sore muscles, neck pain, limited range of motion of the neck, upper and lower back pain, poor posture, pressure behind the eyes, stuffy ears, ringing in the ears, grinding teeth, breaking teeth, dizziness, vertigo, fatigue, and more?  All these symptoms can be due to your bite being off by less than a millimeter.

Cosmetic Dentist* Dr. Ron Drachenberg has completed advanced dental training at the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Training (LVI), the world’s premier post-graduate teaching center. While at LVI, Dr. Drachenberg has learned how to identify and potentially alleviate some or all of these conditions through neuromuscular dentistry.

Ironically, one of the first beneficiaries of Dr Drachenberg's neuromuscular training was Dr Drachenberg himself.  While learing about the neuromuscular structure of the face and mouth at LVI, he realized that his own physiognomy (facial profile and appearance) was showing signs of subtle degeneration and subsequent deterioration.  "My teeth were very over-closed," he explains.  "My bite had collapsed from many years of wear and grinding."  Using special techniques & technology designed to relax the facial muscles, Dr Drachenberg and his fellow dentists were able to determine the precise ideal positioning for his bite.  They then designed an orthotic device to open up his bite more than a quarter of an inch.  For years, he had been experiencing headaches, not realizing they were many times directly related to this previously undiagnosed neuromuscular condition.  Once Dr Drachenberg's bite positioning was corrected, not only did the HEADACHES DISAPPEAR but his physiognomy significantly improved---giving him what he calls, "a mini facelift."

Neuromuscular dentistry is a modern advancement based on the understanding that the temporomandibular joints (jaw joints) need to be in an ideal resting position for the best function & comfort of the joints, muscles, bones and teeth.

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