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Instant Orthodontics

It is called by some---Instant Orthodontics---one of the latest innovations in the modern world of cosmetic dentistry.  It is sometimes considered the preferred method whereby complete correction of mild to moderate misaligned teeth may be completed in as little as a few weeks by an experienced Cosmetic Dentist*---thus eliminating the need for traditional orthodontics.

How Do I Know If I qualify for "Instant Orthodontics"?

There are several considerations which must be addressed prior to making a decision on traditional vs instant orthodontics.  Sometimes the teeth are so misaligned that instant orthodontics is not an option.  Only upon a thorough exam by a Cosmetic Dentist* well experienced in placing Cosmetic Dental Veneers and Correcting Bite Issues or an Orthodontic Specialist will you be able to know if this innovative treatment is an option for you.  If it is found that you are a candidate for the Instant Orthodontics procedure, you will want to consider several other factors. 

Factors Which Warrant Recommendation For "Instant Orthodontics"

    1)    Dissatisfaction With The Existing Shape, Size or Proportions of Your Natural Teeth
    2)    Dissatisfaction With The Shade of Whiteness Or Other Discoloration Factors In Your Natural Teeth
    3)    Age of Patient - The Older The Patient, Teeth Tend To Regress After Traditional Orthodontics
    4)    Time Factors - Patient May Not Wish To Prolong Treatment As Required By Traditional Orthodontics

If after professional evaluation, it is determined that you are a candidate for instant orthodontics, you will want to consider several other factors before making a final determination.  If a qualified patient is not happy with the existing shape, size or proportions of your natural teeth, these factors will not change when your teeth become straignten with traditional orthodontics.  Your teeth will still be too big or too small or oddly shaped.  If discolorations are your only problem, you may wish to do a professional Teeth Whitening process prior to proceeding with traditional orthodontics to determine for sure that your teeth will whiten to the desired whiteness.  If, after all the above considerations you feel that you will not be satisfied with one or more of these results, you may wish to proceed with instant orthodontics which can correct all these problems and result in a stunning new smile within a few weeks time. 

If, however, the potential orthodontics patient is happy with the shape, size, proportions & color of their natural teeth---even though it takes a much longer amount of time to realize the results---they may wish to pursue traditional orthodontics treatment since it is usually a much less expensive procedure than instant orthodontics and preserves the entire natural tooth structure for a longer period of time.

Since there are so many variables regarding your orthodontics choices, we would highly recommended that you have at least 2 consultations---one with a traditional orthodontist and another with a Cosmetic Dentist* experianced in placing Cosmetic Veneers & correcting bite issues so you may be well informed of your choices prior to deciding on which procedure will be best for you.


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