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Chapter 9


"I have not had lower teeth for years and was beginning to have trouble with my stomach because I could not chew my food.  In the beginning I was a little apprehensive, but during the entire stages of getting my teeth there has been no pain.  Everyone connected with this has been wonderful.  It has been only a few days since I got my teeth, but already I can chew all kinds of meats, nuts, corn or anything that I have tried so far.  My teeth not only make me feel much better, but also I look so much better.  I'm very pleased with my teeth."  MR - Fort Myers"

"I actually enjoyed my visit.  The ladies at the desk were very efficient.  The dental assistant was very friendly and knowledgable.  I found Doctor Drachenberg kind, sensitive and seemed to know his business."     Deborah L Haibeson - Fort Myers

"Dear Dr Drachenberg - In the many times I have gone to different dentists, I was most impressed with your service.  I do not ever remember receiving total honesty and thoroughness.  I give you compliments in regards to such fine workmanship and quality as I have received.  It is pretty obvious you thorougly enjoy your work and take pride in what you do.  I want to sincerely thank you for your fine job and you will be highly recommended by me to others."  Mrs Kim Hollan - Fort Myers

"I was very impressed with their work.  The hygienist did a fantastic job on my teeth.  I would highly recommend this practice to anyone who has invested as much time or money in their teeth as I have.  Once again, I cannot stress how terrific the Doctor and his staff have been for a routine visit!"     Marie Baume - Fort Myers

Cosmetic Dentist* Dr Ron Drachenberg

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